A Bit About Me ...       
         Hello! My Name is Kali Charlene and my specific area of interest is digital vectors, specifically in the forms of advertising, branding, publications, and stationary. The vast majority of my portfolio supports this as I greatly enjoy illustrating on a vector level and applying those vectors in a meaningful fashion.
         While I am confident in my abilities and am plenty capable of drawing and creating, I believe that my greatest strengths as both an artist and as a Christian are my mission-minded work ethic and dedication to producing quality work. I am well aware that there are many others with more talent and experience than I and am continually humbled by this knowledge. However, this also pushes me to work even harder and dedicate many hours to producing something worthwhile. This is not just my approach to art, but life in general. I don’t believe in doing things in halves; I am either all in, or I am not in at all.
My Artist Statement ...     
         To be an artist is to always be a student. As an artist, I find that I am always seeking to learn new techniques and better, more efficient ways of creating. Research is a huge part of my creative process. This helps me to focused as I begin my initial brainstorm and concept sketches.
         Although I typically work in a digital medium, I like to sketch my ideas with pencil and paper first. While I personally enjoy more whimsical and fantasy inspired designs, and strive to include such elements when appropriate, I place the clients needs above my own desires. Throughout many of my designs, especially early concept sketches, I tend to gravitate towards nature as a reliable and neutral source of inspiration. In each of my designs, my goal is to create works that satisfy and exceed expectations in a God honoring manor. 
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